Compare Fabric Protectors


We’ve assembled a side-by-side comparison of the Fiber ProTector® system compared to other popular textiles in use today. While other protectors may offer some key protection features, they are lacking in certain areas that make Fiber ProTector® the clear choice to protect your valuable textiles.

Please review the comparison and call us with any questions.

Compare Protectors
  •    Stain Protection
  •    Easy Spot Removal
  •    Reduces Traffic Wear
  •    Helps Prevent Mold / Mildew / Bacteria Growth
  •    Better Results with Next Professional Cleaning
  •    Reduces Flame Spread
  •    More Effective Vacuuming
  •    Certified Enviroseal Approved Green Protector
  •    Extends Life of Textile
  •    UV/Fading Protection
  •    NanoTechnology Penetrates & Protects Fiber
  •    Lasts minimum of 2 Years with normal use, even with professional cleaning
  •    Safe on all fabrics, even leather
  •    Contains Silicon

Other Protectors

  • Topical coatings will need more frequent reapplications

  • Needs to be reapplied after 1 year or next professional cleaning

  • Not for use on leather and some fine fabrics or non colorsafe textiles

  • Many contain silicone which will yellow and doesn't allow the textile to breathe

Fiber Protector®

Call for Pricing(Premium Protection)
  • Fibers will not yellow after time

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